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As Equine Facility owners, horse trainers and horse owners, we understand implicitly the amount of research and due diligence it takes when purchasing a new horse. With our own frustrating experiences not having comprehensive information available when inquiring about a horse for sale and having to chase down owners to provide verification documents, we decided there was a better way to buy and sell horses. This was the inspiration for creating the Equine Sales website, which aims to make the exchange of information regarding horses available for purchase, a streamlined process. All the information you need to make an informed decision is readily available on our website. 

As well, we also understand what horse owners value and look for when purchasing a new horse. Equine Sales’ horses are carefully selected for their breed and temperament. We then follow a systematic development process, utilizing the best trainers in the industry. Our training includes riding, handling, groundwork, ground manners, and trailering.

It is extremely important to us that our horses are healthy, well cared for, and are kept in ideal conditions, with plenty of room to graze in open fields. In addition, they are socialized and desensitized to ensure they won’t buck, bolt or spook. During their training, they are carefully monitored for their temperament, so you can feel confident that you have purchased an athletic, physically gifted horse that is safe and well-adjusted. 

In addition, we also offer services to prepare your horse for sale, inclusive of boarding, training, and preparing your horse’s listing on our website, to ensure you receive full value. 

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